DG Customer is a survey platform where Dollar General customers can share their valuable feedback through the official website at It’s simple to join the survey—all you need is your shopping receipt, which plays a crucial role in participating in the customer satisfaction survey.

By providing your feedback, you not only contribute to improving their services but also unlock exclusive discounts.

Whether your experience at Dollar General was positive or negative, the DG Customer Survey encourages you to provide an honest customer feedback based on your personal experience at their grocery stores. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share your thoughts and suggestions on product quality improvement.

Welcome to DGCustomerFirst Survey

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – take the DG Customer Survey today and make your shopping experience even more rewarding!


How can I participate in the DG Customer Survey?

To participate, Enter the required information from your shopping receipt.

What information do I need from my receipt to take the survey?

You will need the time, store number and 15 digit survey code to take the survey.

Is the DG Customer Survey open to all Dollar General customers?

Yes, the survey is open to all customers.

Can I provide both positive and negative feedback in the survey?

Absolutely! share your honest customer experience

Is my feedback confidential?

Yes, your feedback is confidential

Can I take the DG Customer Survey multiple times?

Generally, the survey is limited to one entry per receipt.

How can I contact Dollar General customer service for further assistance?

For any further assistance, you can reach out to Dollar General customer service.