Customer Support

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for reaching out to Dollar General Corporate Office’s customer support. We understand that clear and accessible communication channels are crucial when it comes to addressing your concerns, feedback, and inquiries. This guide aims to provide you with a structured approach to connect with the right department efficiently.

From general queries to specific concerns, we’ve compiled a detailed table with contact methods for a range of customer support needs. Whether you’re seeking assistance with media inquiries, human resources, or voicing a complaint, you’ll find the appropriate channels and details neatly organized for your convenience.

Customer Support Details for Dollar General Corporate Office:

IssueContact MethodDetails
General QueriesEmail[email protected]
Media InquiriesEmail[email protected]
Paid AdvertisingPhone615-855-5775 (Call twice)
Phone (Current Employees)1-888-877-9374 (Call twice)
Phone (Potential Employees)1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)
Donation RequestsEmail[email protected]
Requirements– Formal request letter on letterhead
– Include EIN number (9 digits)
Sponsorship RequestsPhone615-855-4000 (Call twice)
Online Form

Read on to discover the best way to get in touch with Dollar General Office and ensure that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed promptly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and this guide is designed to make sure you have access to the support you need.